Resource Centre

ONOC reports may be found on this page. The Oceania Continental Association's annual reports, commission reports and other corporate reports will be shared here and notice of publishing will be disseminated via ONOC news and social media channels.

The ONOC Newsletters will be published on a quarterly basis, collating news from secretariat activities and all member NOCs. You may subscribe to this service to keep abreast of the latest in Olympism, sport and sport development in the Oceania Continent.

This section includes key Governance documents from IOC and ANOC levels that inform and guide governance at ONOC for the Oceania Continent. It will progressively include ONOC General Assembly Communiques and other publications deemed relevant.

This section features commissioned research on various themes relating to Olympism, sport, social development, sport medicine, gender, equity and the culture of sport. It also features research from IOC and ANOC.

The five commissions of ONOC periodically produce reports and other publications which will be shared here. The ONOC commissions are Athletes' Commission, Education Commission, Equity Commission, Medical Commission, and the International Relations Commission. To understand more about the work of the five commissions, refer to their individual Terms of Reference (TOR).