Sport industry experts to advance micro-qualifications of sport education courses in the Pacific

August 28, 2022
The work of sport industry experts in OSEP courses contribute to the development of high performance and elite athlete development for powerful Pacific women athletes such as Miller Pata and Sherysyn Toko, the B2022 bronze-medal winning beach volleyball duo of Vanuatu. | Photo: ONOC / The Reporters’ Academy

The Oceania National Olympic Committees’ (ONOC) fifteen-year-old flagship programme, the Oceania Sport Education Programme (OSEP) is holding the ONOC Sport Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) Workshop from Tuesday, 30 August to Friday, 2 September 2022 in Nadi, Fiji.


The technical workshop will be held in a blended mode with five experts joining online from American Samoa, Guam, Marshall Islands, Australia, and Papua New Guinea.  

Technical activities plus composition of courses undergoing micro-qualifications

The workshop is designed in two phases: the first phase has the sport industry experts trained by the Pacific Community (SPC) Qualifications Lead of the Educational Equality and Assessment Programme (EQAP), Dr Rajendra Prasad, and the second phase has the sport industry experts develop and complete peer reviews of micro-qualifications in three sports courses.  

These include under Sport Management: (a) Strategic Planning, and (b) Financial Management. The third course is (c) Nutrition and Recovery which sits under Strength and Conditioning.  

Previously, under the traditional OSEP offering, Sport Management, and Strength and Conditioning sat as individual courses. Under the move to accreditation under the Pacific Qualifications Framework (PQF), these are being deconstructed into micro or small offerings that higher education institutions may offer to those interested in sport to pursue over an extended period as and when suitable.  

Composition of sport industry experts at technical workshop

All sport industry experts giving their time and expertise at the ongoing workshops possess a suite of qualifications relevant to this long-term initiative to improve sport performance and administration in the Pacific islands, and to contribute strongly to the newly launched ONOC BRISBANE 2032 Programme.

Most experts are graduates of the Oceania Sport Education Programme (OSEP) with some contributing years of training and support to the Pacific sporting community.  

MEMOS contributes to strengthening Pacific sport industry improvement

Eight sport industry experts are graduates of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Master Executif en Management de Organisations Sportives (MEMOS), in English the Executive Masters in Sports Organisation Management.

The MEMOS graduates engaged in this exercise are Erika Radewagen (American Samoa), Natanya Potoi (Samoa), Elu Tataua (Tuvalu), Sandra Low (Guam), Amy Sasser (Marshall Islands), Sainimili Saukuru (Fiji), Netina Latu (Tonga), and Karo Lelai (Papua New Guinea).


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