Small Pacific island nations exceed national OSEP training reach targets despite overall regional shrinkage by 75% in pandemic year

November 27, 2020

The Oceania National Olympic Committees (ONOC) announced that small Pacific island countries exceeded sport education programme targets despite the overall 75% reduction in its targeted delivery.

According to ONOC’s Education Commission Chair, Mr James Tobin, their initial target of reaching 2,000 participants in 15 Pacific island countries was reduced due because of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic to only 500 trained in 9 countries, however, small countries exceeded their national targets.

Tobin said at the Education Commission meeting last week, that while large countries such as Papua New Guinea were impacted, ‘The smaller nations namely Cook Islands, Kiribati and Tuvalu with limited restrictions exceeded targeted numbers.’

‘The Oceania Sport Education Programme or OSEP had targeted 2,000 trained participants for 2020 but reduced its target to 500 at the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, he added.

Tobin said, ‘Some of the courses successfully delivered included strength and conditioning coaching, community coaching, sports team management, development coaching and sports organisation management among others.’

The ONOC Education Commission Meeting also discussed the external evaluation of OSEP and endorsed its evaluation findings and recommendations plus the new strategy which includes pre-pandemic plans to move to a digital learning management system which adequately addresses pandemic realities.  

Tobin said, the Education Commission appreciated ‘the process and consultation from January until November for the final strategy.’

The virtual meeting was facilitated by Commission Chair Jim Tobin and attended by the following Commission members; Gill Gemming, Helen Brownlee, Jeremy Dorovolomo, Laura Mangham, Makarita Lenoa and Regan Kama.