First sport education micro-qualification endorsed by Pacific sport industry stakeholders

June 2, 2022
Rajendra Prasad, Team Leader - Qualifications at the SPC's Educational Quality and Assessment Programme (EQAP) leads discussion at the endorsement of the first OSEP micro-qualification. | Photo: ONOC

The first micro-qualification was successfully endorsed by regional Oceania sport industry stakeholders today – it is titled the ‘Enhance Governance Practices in Sports Organisations’ which contributes to Sport Management.

‘This is a milestone for us the Oceania National Olympic Committees (ONOC),’ said ONOC President Robin Mitchell.

‘We are also very pleased to be working with the Pacific Community (SPC) through its Educational Quality and Assessment Programme (EQAP) in our four-year partnership agreement to have our courses accredited through micro-qualifications

‘Through our flagship Oceania Sport Education Programme (OSEP) from 2007 to date, we have conceptualised, designed, and delivered fourteen sport education courses which are now being put through accreditation to be recognised in the Pacific Islands region.

‘This is a huge milestone for the ONOC Education Commission as well, as their guidance has been instrumental in the design of OSEP over the years'.

President Mitchell added, ‘This is the first of our micro-qualifications for sport education and it is a huge testament to the hard work and faith of Oceania sportspeople, coaches, trainers, mentors, leaders, experts, and training providers who have worked with us through this process.

Pacific sport industry in-person and virtual stakeholders at the ONOC's OSEP Micro-Qualifications Meeting. | Photo: Pacific Community / Irene Manarae

‘We have another two micro-qualifications to be reviewed and endorsed this week; Strength & Conditioning Coaching which is being done today and Technical Coaching which will be completed tomorrow’.

The achievement of the micro-qualification means that ONOC will begin the accreditation process. Ultimately, when completed and taken up, Training Providers in Oceania will be able to repackage and deliver the course.

The formal recognition means graduates of the series can move on to higher education pathways, become entrepreneurs, and be remunerated appropriately.

For learners, completion of the Sport Management micro-qualification titled ‘Enhance Governance Practices in Sports Organisations’, translates to the ability to understand the roles and responsibilities of board members in national sport governing bodies; analyse governance practices within sporting organisations; and the ability to demonstrate application of contingency plans during pandemics, political unrest, natural disasters or unforeseen circumstances and crises.

The micro-qualification ‘Enhance Governance Practices in Sports Organisations’ is the first of seven micro-qualifications required to complete the Sport Management Course.

The other micro-qualifications are Financial Management, Strategic Management, Events and Competition, Sports Structures, Human Resources, and Marketing and Sponsorship.


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