ONOC Secretariat Mid-Year Review

ONOCis currently in its 2018 – 2021 Strategic Plan with the Vision of ‘Inspiring success and pride, and living the Olympic values.

The four objectives of the Strategic Plan are drawn from its Mission to become ‘the best-performing Continental Association’ through key pathways transformed into the following objectives: ‘Building and strengthening [member] National Olympic Committee (NOC) capacity; Cultivating regional and global partnerships; Contributing towards sporting excellence; and Leading by example’.

Under the objective of Building and strengthening NOC capacity, the focus is on the development and promotion of Good Governance through strategic support to members, particularly through national training and development programmes.

Under Cultivating regional and global partnerships, ONOC seeks to be respected and valued by partners through strategic relationship building and clean sports.

Under Contributing to sporting excellence, athletes as primary stakeholders take precedence through ONOC efforts to ensure they are supported and encouraged to succeed on the Road to Tokyo, the next Olympic Games.

In Leading by example, ONOC seeks to demonstrate this through the practice of Good Governance through Operations. This is via board and administration compliance and through support services in administration, finance, human resources, events management and communications.

ONOC staff spend a day out on the office last Friday and headed to Leleuvia Island (about an hour and half out of Suva, Fiji’s capital) to review the first 6months and finalise the 2nd half of2020 in preparation of the ONOC Executive Board meeting at the end of the month.

ONOC staff sailing the silvery waters to Leleuvia Island.The waters around Leleuvia are called “Waisiliva” – Silver Waters. Nightfall sees reflections and glimmers dance on the waters surface.
Group-shot on the jetty upon arriving at Leleuvia Island. Leleuvia situated between the Chiefly island of Bau, Moturiki and Ovalau islands in Fiji’s Lomaiviti island group.
6.00am Activity: Group ABLE vs Group STAS: The output: half a jug of strained semi-concentrated coconut milk within 30 minutes, with a budget of $15.
A total of 7 sessions packaged into a full-day’s program (8.00am to 5.00pm),discussing department results in the “On-Strategy” platform. Are the strategic goals achieved? On-Target? Off-Target? Critical? Or Differed?
Day 2 –6.00am Activity:  Team building on theVa’a (V12) canoe. 8 x ONOC staff, Rev James Bhagwan and 3 x resort staff paddle out to the beacon and back.
Staff Social Club “Under the spot light” activity; depicting the causes of coral bleaching through drama. Congratulations to Team One for scoring the highest in creativity, depiction, and interpretation of their “Invasive Species” message.
A presentation on Leleuvia Island Resort’s Sustainable Environment Program by the resorts Environment Officer Wilson Hazelman and Conservation Intern Tia Mitchell. Coral Planting on the island is a 3-step process (a) nursery (b) relocation and(c) restoration at the reef.
Preparing coral in specialised plugs for planting.
Placing the coral plugs in the underwater nursey right below the Leleuvia jetty.