ONOC claiming women’s space in sport leadership

March 8, 2021
ONOC claiming women’s space in sport leadership

Through the International Olympic Committee (IOC), we have been celebrating Women in Sport Leadership plus Women and Girls in Sport from 1 March.

Together with the ONOC Equity Commission and its Chair, Ms Helen Brownlee, we are pleased to share our 2021 ONOC Gender Balance Scorecard today,  International Women's Day. We are celebrating our IOC partner, UN Women's theme of 'Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world' with a focus on 'Women in sport leadership'.

At leadership level, we're happy to share that we have achieved 100% Gender Balance in our Governance through Executive Board membership. This is a testament to the long road our National Olympic Committees (NOCs) have engaged in through commitment to supporting and nominating women sport administrators and athletes to positions of leadership.

While we celebrate our small wins through our scorecard, we are not complacent. We recognise the enormous work still required to remove cultural, economic and social barriers needed to improve the participation and experience of women in sport in Oceania.

We are on the road already.