Bwere Tione - ONOC-USP Pacific Regional Sports Research Project Recipient

March 15, 2021
Bwere Tione - ONOC-USP Pacific Regional Sports Research Project Recipient

Scholarship Recipient

Brief Background

Prior to taking up the scholarship, Bwere Tione was a primary school teacher in Kiribati employed by the Government of Kiribati. He holds a Bachelor of Education (Primary Education) from USP and a Diploma in Primary School Teaching from Kiribati Teachers College. He has also undergone various trainings such as the Child Protection Training of Trainers and the Oceania Sport Education Program (OSEP) Educator Certificate.

Bwere is talented and skilled in fostering academic skills and social attitudes in diverse elementary school students, as well as skilled in working with diverse student classrooms. Bwere is also certified to deliver ONOC OSEP’s “Sports in Communities (Administrator)” course and has also coached basic level basketball and badminton.

Why did you apply for this scholarship?

As a passionate sports person, I am always interested in sports programs. Pursuing this program will strengthen and build my capacity in sports education.

How do you find out about the scholarship?

I work very closely with the Kiribati National Olympic Committee (KNOC) and found out about the program through OSEP.

What are your plans after completing the scholarship in terms of sports development in your country, and in Oceania at large?

I am a Physical Education Teacher and also an OSEP Educator in Kiribati so after this program I will continue to teach Sport concepts in secondary schools as a P.E. Teacher, and in my community as an OSEP educator.

From a regional perspective I would like to pursue Master Educator (ME) and Regional Master Educator (RME) levels with OSEP, to assist countries outside of Kiribati.