There is a portfolio of grants available through Olympic Solidarity which helps National Olympic Committees (NOCs) strengthen their structures; support athletes, coaches and administrators; and promote Olympic values through programmes.

Grants are intended to assist NOCs strengthen their position within the Olympic Movement and their own national sports systems; and more importantly, increase their independence and autonomy. The Oceania National Olympic Committees (ONOC) plays a lead role in tracking its funds disseminated in Oceania. It helps in the implementation of programmes, capacity building, and consolidating reporting back to Olympic Solidarity. Grants are available through World Programmes and Continental Programmes. 

Following the activation of Agenda 2020 Reforms, the World Programme which offers support directly to NOCs is now supported in monitoring activities by Continental Associations, in the Oceania Continent, this being ONOC. 

World Programmes
World Programmes constitute support grants under the following categories which NOCs may access:


1. Olympic Scholarships for Athletes “PyeongChang 2018”

2. Olympic Scholarships for Athletes “Tokyo 2020”

3. Team Support Grant

4. Continental Athlete Support Grant

5. Youth Olympic games – Athlete Support

6. Athlete Career Transition

7. Refugee Athlete Support


1. Technical Courses for Coaches

2. Olympic Scholarships for Coaches

3. Development of National Sports System

NOC Management and Knowledge Sharing

1. NOC Administration Development

2. National Courses for Sports Administrators

3. International Executive Courses in Sports Management

4. NOC Solidarity Exchanges

Promotion of the Olympic Values

1. Sports Medicine and Protection of Clean Athletes

2. Sustainability in Sport

3. Gender Equality and Diversity

4. Sport for Social Development

5. Olympic Education, Culture and Legacy

Forums and Special Projects

1. Forums and Workshops

2. Special Projects
**A new unit created for the purposes of communicating with NOCs, providing access to knowledge, and supporting them with exceptional or unexpected events in their countries.

Continental Programmes 
This complements support provided at world level. Continental Associations, in this instance ONOC, provides Oceania NOCs access to technical assistance, financial and administrative assistance meeting specific needs and priorities unique to Oceania as a region. 

As per the standard programme for all associations, ONOC disseminates its Continental programme covering the following elements: 

1. Operating expenses for ONOC
2. Organisation of statutory meetings for NOCs (general assembly, secretaries general seminars, etc.)
3. Organising biennial Athletes’ Commission meetings and forums at continental level in collaboration with Olympic Solidarity. 

For more information on grants, the Olympic Solidarity Plan 2017 – 2020 (now extended to 2021) can be downloaded. 

IOC Subsidies for NOC Participation in Olympic Games
Through this facility, the IOC provides financial support to every NOC for the Olympic Games.
The partners involved in establishing, implementing and monitoring Olympic Solidarity programmes, providing technical expertise include the Olympic Solidarity Department, Continental Associations (ANOC), NOCs, International Federations (IFs), OSFO and other partners. National Federations (NFs) engage through their relationships with NOCs and IFs.

Meli Cavu

onoc Administrative Services Officer and Officer in Charge