Oceania workshop focuses on creating equity in sport

The Oceania National Olympic Committee’s (ONOC) Equity Commission will convene phase two of its “Leaning In” Equity and Diversity Workshop at the Tanoa International Hotel in Nadi, this weekend.

Equity Commission Members

“The 2-day meeting is another step in the leadership development journey for our participants,” said Helen Brownlee, Commission Chairperson.

“Last year three sub-regional workshops were conducted in Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia and all National Olympic Committees (NOCs) were invited to send three participants - two females and one male “champion of change”,” Brownlee explained.

“The workshops were an outstanding success, with participants returning home with personal goals – short and long-term, to achieve within their respective communities,” Brownlee said.

Brownleee said issues which emerged from the 2018 workshops included (a)    unconscious bias – ‘not being seen, not being heard” (b) development of governance opportunities for women in National Sporting Federations and NOCs (c) creating space for women to take on leadership roles and (d) ensuring sport is safe for women and children in their respective countries.

“In 2019 the Commission decided to further the leadership development of those female participants deemed to show leadership potential and involve all the male participants,” she added.

This year’s workshop has a total of 22 participants of whom 9 are men and 13 are women with and will also aim to generate discussion about the importance of equal participation;  promoting inclusiveness, equal access, and gender equality in sports management and programs.

The 2-day workshop opened at 9:00am Saturday and will close at 4:00pm on Sunday afternoon.

ONOC’s Equity Commission or previously the Women in Sports Commission is a program of the Oceania National Olympic Committees with the vision of empowering women and girls through sport. The vision of the commission is to strengthen the capacity, capability and equality of women and girls in sport through (a) effective leadership and management (b) education and training (c) promoting the Olympic values and healthy lifestyle as well as communication, advocacy and promotion. The work and activities of the commission are premised on the values of excellence, leadership, respect, integrity and friendship.