Fiji National Sport Commission (FNSC) officially is an OSEP training provider

ONOC through its training and development arm, the Oceania Sports Education Program (OSEP) is delighted to partner the Fiji National Sports Commission Fiji National Sports Commission (FNSC) to form a platform for the delivery of training programs for community sport administrators and coaches including the grass roots.

A partnership agreement was signed last week (Tues 14/8/18) between the Fiji National Sports Commission and the Oceania Sports Education Program (OSEP) paving the way for this collaboration to begin in Fiji.

Mr Dennis Miller, Executive Director of ONOC commended the Fiji National Sports Commission on the extensive work it has done for sports development in Fiji to date. “Widening your scope of services to include OSEP and become a platform to educate community sport administrators and coaches is a timely transition and one that will reap returns for sports in Fiji.”

Through this partnership, FNSC will deliver the OSEP Sport in Communities Administrator and Community Coach Courses across the 14 provinces of Fiji. It will now position OSEP as the standard community sport education program for coaches and administrators.

“FNSC is delighted with the partnership, as the OSEP courses have been received very well by the communities. FNSC will fund a major National Sporting Organisations Board training on good governance initiative with NSO’s in association with the OSEP's Management in Sporting organisations (MiSO) training course”, Mr Peter Mazey, Executive Chairman, of Fiji National Sports Commission.

This arrangement is different from ONOC agreement with Fiji Association of Sport & National Olympic Committee and Kiliati Enterprises, in that FNSC will deliver directly with the communities in conjunction with its sport outreach programs and sport specific courses.

With this association, it is the hope that FNSC will standardise training across the country and establish the pathway for coaches and administrators from community (using OSEP) to national level accreditation with sport federations.

Mr Peter Mazey stated In accordance with the sporting aspirations of the Government of Fiji through the FNSC, this alliance will create a training development pathway for competent coaches, administrators coming through the system from community through to National level and enable the sharing of sport data between FNSC, FASANOC and ONOC.

The potential benefit to Fiji, resulting from this partnership, includes the increased focus on growing the group of OSEP Educators, Master Educators with FNSC and National sport federations as trainers.
The agreement is valid until the end of the Olympics quadrennial in 2020.

PNG is the only other country where OSEP has partnered with its Government sport arm. ONOC member countries where OSEP currently delivers its training courses are American Samoa, Cook Islands, Palau, Federated States of Micronesia,Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Guam, Samoa, Kiribati, Tuvalu,and Republic of the Marshall Islands, Tonga, Nauru and Vanuatu.